Extract unique record with the help of Advanced Filter

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What is excel advanced filter?

Excel advance filter is the advanced version of the regular filter. You can use this when you need to use more complex criteria to filter data set.

Different between regular filter and advanced filter.

There are so many ways to extract unique value by using formula, VBA PROGRAMMING. But here we use simplest method with help of advanced filter to extract unique record.

Let’s assume a scenario. Suppose you have list of repeated department in the column A  and your manager told you to find unique department

To get a unique department please follow this step

  1. Click on “data” tab in excel
  2. Click on “Advanced filter” window is pop-up like that in your screen       
  3. If you want to extract the data into different location then click on “copy to another location”
  4. And then select the “list range” in above example data is content in range (A2:A17)             
             Note : selection of header is must in advance filter.
  5. And then refer the cells where you want to extract data in the “copy to” option, let say we want to extract data in C2 cells. So take a reference of C2 cells.
  6. And the last one and most important thing is check mark on “unique record only” because we want unique list of department

  7. And then press  OK and you will get your desired output.

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you can download practice file from below link

extract unique record

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